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BC Salmon Farms: Production and Problems

This map provides information on open net-cage salmon farms in B.C. waters and details on a few of the many impacts of their operations on marine health.

Modified: November 22, 2019

Recent federal control of net-cage aquaculture operations has resulted in the availability of licensed production information for each farm. Data on some marine mammal kills and escapes of farmed salmon are slowly emerging, but most historical data are still not available at the site level. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) recently began releasing data on bycatch of wild species such as herring and rockfish by the net-cage industry (also noted), but more in-depth information on the bycatch issue is contained in shocking internal DFO documents entered as evidence at the Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon to the Fraser River (Cohen Commission). Read about bycatch by salmon farms. The Cohen Commission also led to the release of select information on outbreaks of disease caused by pathogens identified as high risk to sockeye salmon.

The map highlights recent information from DFO on farm production, marine mammal kills, bycatch, and escaped events (2011 - September 2014), as well as evidence of disease outbreaks (2003-2010) obtained from technical reports to the Cohen Commission or confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In addition, limited data on escape events prior to 2011 are shown.

The data displayed on this map can also be downloaded and viewed in Google Earth. Google EarthPlease click on the attachment to download the dataset.


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