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Sustainable Seafood

Last set. Photo: Moyna MacIlroy

No matter where you live, seafood is one of the most common—and tasty—ways to connect to the ocean. At Living Oceans Society we are proud shoppers of fish and shellfish.

And like a growing number of Canadians, we’re also concerned about how fishing and aquaculture practices are pushing some ocean ecosystems to the brink of collapse. Overfished stocks, damaging gears, unintended bycatch, chemical use and the spread of disease; it’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

But the seafood story is not all bad. Growing numbers of seafood producers are catching and raising seafood with a healthy ocean in mind. These sustainable producers play a key role in protecting our oceans for future generations, and so can you.

Learn how you can directly contribute to healthier oceans by supporting the ocean-friendly seafood movement. Get informed, get involved and become a part of the solution.