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Justified in the Circumstances: Whales or Supertankers?

Conservation groups condemn ‘yes’ recommendation from Northern Gateway review panel

Thursday, December 19, 2013

CALGARY, ALTA.—The Joint Review Panel’s recommendation to approve the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is a major setback for science and democracy in Canada, Ecojustice lawyers said today.

“We submitted hundreds of pages of scientific evidence on behalf of our clients that lead to one emphatic conclusion: The Northern Gateway pipeline is an unsafe, unsustainable and unnecessary project, and it does not serve the national interest of this country,” said Ecojustice staff lawyer Barry Robinson.

Canada unprepared for spill

Federal response system needs upgrading: expert panel

By Peter O'Neil and Gordon Hoekstra

Canada's oil spill response lacks federal leadership and isn't prepared for disasters in high-risk areas including southern B.C., according to a federal panel.

The panel's report, released Tuesday, was based on existing tanker volume, not the increased numbers of tankers involved if the Northern Gateway pipeline is built or the Kinder Morgan pipeline to Burnaby is twinned.

Karen Wristen
September 19, 2013