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Where in B.C. is your sustainable seafood caught?

September 19, 2014

Where was your seafood dinner caught? Find out using the new interactive map that Living Oceans launched with our SeaChoice partners. It displays where different sustainably harvested species are caught in British Columbia’s fishing grounds. This map is one of many great tools that we’ve developed to help seafood lovers get informed about where their meals come from. Buying local, sustainable seafood will help ocean health!

Chef cycles coast to coast for sustainable seafood

Chef Ned Bell

Slow Fish Mystery Dinner

Scott Islands

All of us Sea Huggers at Living Oceans are looking forward to Vancouver's inaugural Slow Fish event – the Slow Fish Mystery Dinner on September 27th. Hosted by the Chef's Table Society of B.C., this event will showcase local delicacies from the sea prepared by eight acclaimed chefs. The evening is an opportunity to discuss and engage in Slow Fish: a movement to celebrate good, clean and fair fish. Get your tickets here.

A big congratulations goes out to Executive Chef Ned Bell who on September 12th completed his cross-country cycling trip in support of sustainable seafood. Starting in Newfoundland on July 1, Ned pedalled between 140km and 200km each day while still finding time to host 20 fundraising events in communities across Canada. All proceeds are being generously donated to SeaChoice and OceanWise to support our continued work to have March 18th recognized as National Sustainable Seafood Day in Canada.

Ned hopes that as the demand for sustainable seafood grows, the seafood supply in Canada will also shift to becoming sustainably harvested.