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Improving fisheries management

School of fish

Living Oceans Society works to protect the ocean by improving fisheries policy and management.
Sometimes, we do this by writing scientific reports: Our campaigners have co-authored How We Fish Matters, a report on the ecological impacts of Canadian fishing gears, and another on bycatch in the British Columbia trawl fishery.

Sometimes we have to get wet: In 2009, Living Oceans Society organized and led the Finding Coral Expedition to learn more about the fragile deep-sea coral ecosystems off of Canada’s Pacific coast.

And oftentimes, we have to sit through long meetings: Living Oceans Society continues to shape Canada’s science and policy landscape on marine habitat protection. In 2012 we helped set up a ground breaking agreement with the British Columbia bottom trawl fleet to conserve corals and sponges, and reduce the fishery’s impact on deep-sea habitats.

We’re also working to ensure that ocean management plans take habitat, biodiversity, food webs, and water quality into account.

We do all of these things with one aim in mind: to make Canada’s Pacific fisheries truly sustainable for ours and future generations.