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Climate change

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. On land its impacts are well known: higher temperatures, stronger storms, droughts for some and more rain for others, wildfires and pest outbreaks, etc.

Without the ocean, climate change would be much worse. The ocean absorbs huge amounts of CO2. It’s taken in roughly 25 percent of all CO2 emissions since the late 1700s, and 80 percent of the heat from global warming! This is great for our climate, but it comes at a cost to the ocean. We can expect to see:

  • Sea levels rise
  • Disrupted ocean currents
  • Major shifts in ecosystems and species as they try to adapt to new conditions
  • Increased freshwater input from the melting of the glaciers changing the oceans currents and water chemistry
  • Ocean acidification

The problem is that the ocean is getting “full” and can’t absorb CO2 as quickly. Its ability to fight climate change is decreasing. Like ocean acidification, we need to reduce our emissions in order to battle climate change. Send a message to Prime Minister of Canada and encourage him to protect our oceans from the double threat of ocean acidification and climate change!