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Sea Level Rise Workshops in Your Community

Is your community concerned about predicted increases in sea level? Local governments all over Canada are planning for their waterfronts to change, sometimes dramatically, as the oceans warm and land-based ice melts. Living Oceans has partnered with several organizations to create informative workshops that can help you get started with your planning for sea level rise (SLR).

The workshop is intended for waterfront property owners and other concerned community members; local and regional governments and their staff; and building and landscaping professionals and contractors.

Participants will have

  • the opportunity to have their own questions about SLR addressed
  • regionally accurate SLR information
  • understanding of potential impacts of SLR in their community
  • an overview of potential adaptation measures
  • access to local tools and resources (handout)
  • a network of support for moving forward with SLR planning

Workshop format

  • the workshop begins with open space for participant questions
  • a presentation by Living Oceans' Claude Tremblay will explain the causes of SLR, explore uncertainties about future projections and impacts and outline adaptation strategies
  • participants will be introduced to the interactive map on the project website where participants can share local observations with communities across the country
  • participants will work with local maps to indentify at-risk areas in the community
  • the group will explore potential solutions to identified problems and review the resources available to help implement the best choices for each community


  • Workshop proceedings will be documented and circulated to participants and posted on the project website. The output of all Canadian workshops will be compiled to help inform a Guidance Document that will distill best practices and creative solutions--it is anticipated that this will be available on the project website by March, 2019.

Workshop delivery

  • 2-hour workshop held in the community on a mutually convenient weeknight or weekend
  • Call or email Claude Tremblay at Living Oceans to book your workshop:  604-696-5044 or ctremblay [at]

Partners and Sponsors

Past workshops were part of the Educating Coastal Communities about Sea Level Rise (ECoAS) project of the Ecology Action Centre of Halifax. That project was supported partially by a financial contribution from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Living Oceans' workshops on the west coast of Canada were also supported by a grant from the Real Estate Foundation of B.C. and funding and in-kind support from the Islands Trust.


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