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Map showcases ocean riches

October 16, 2015
Map of Protection Management Zones on the B.C. North and Central Coast.

In our spring issue of Oceans Update, we told you about the exciting new marine plans that are now in place for the North and Central Coast of B.C. A key parts of these plans is the identification of areas that should be conserved, known as Protection Management Zones (PMZs).

So everyone can see the benefits of protecting these zones, Living Oceans has created an interactive online map that showcases the ecological treasure they contain. Some zones are home to ancient glass sponge reefs while others contain rich eelgrass beds and kelp forests or noisy sea lion colonies. Zoom into the zones for details on the plants, animals and key habitats within each PMZ along with a description of the site and the recommended protection level.

The PMZs were drawn up with input from Living Oceans and environmental groups, ocean-based businesses and regional district governments. While the PMZs are not yet formally protected, they provide important information for the designers working on the network of Marine Protected Areas for the B.C. coast.