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Help protect our Great Bear Sea

June 23, 2014

There’s no doubt that most people know of the Great Bear Rainforest. But have you heard of the Great Bear Sea? That’s the waters of British Columbia’s North and Central Coast that wash up on the shores of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Map of the Great Bear Sea.

The Province of B.C. and 18 First Nations have partnered to develop a plan to protect the Great Bear Sea and the people and economies it supports. Living Oceans has represented the conservation community at these meetings, along with people from the tourism, aquaculture, forestry, commercial fishing and other sectors.

“The government has an opportunity to chart a way forward to protect a way of life on the coast,” said Morag Carter, Director of Marine Planning and Protected Areas. “The Great Bear Sea ecosystems support billions of dollars in economic activity that we can’t risk losing forever.”

This summer, the province of B.C. will decide whether to adopt these plans to protect our ocean. You can help nudge the politicians to make the right choice for the future of our children. Join us in seizing this historic opportunity.

Great Bear Sea story map.