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Google Maps Engine drives ocean planning

June 8, 2012

The folks at Google Outreach asked our talented GIS department to work with them on a mapping technology called Maps Engine. We came up with some interactive maps that show how different natural features overlap with important coastal areas, and how those places tie in with economic activities.

Maps Engine lets our different circles of friends and colleagues play with or edit the maps. It's a great tool for planning and whether it's our coastal livelihoods or the local haunts of salmon and orca that we're mapping, visualising how all the pieces fit together is an important step in planning for a healthy ocean. Interactive maps let users explore important planning issues like the potential impacts of human activities on marine ecosystems, as well as on existing recreational and commercial activities.

It's actually pretty cool. We tested it, built some maps and then Google Outreach sent a video team to interview us about our work.