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Get ready for the Ocean Exposures Photo Contest 

July 8, 2024

This annual event has been held by Living Oceans Society for over 20 years. We champion ocean protection and educate the public on why ocean health is important. 

You protect what you love, so we view this event as an opportunity for people to get out into nature, find out more about the creatures around them, understand the challenges to ocean health and fall in love with the environment. Together we can protect and showcase the amazing beauty of nature. 

Help us show the beauty of the ocean and support the protection of this important resource. Be ready to share your best photos. Submissions will be accepted starting July 31.  

In the meantime, get inspired by the 2023 winners’ photos here

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Photo credits: Sara Ellison, Mark Cantwell, Chris Sherwood, Amanda Nelson, Wendy Davis, Catherine Anderson