Healthy Oceans. Healthy Communities.

Shoppers making a difference

Seafood in display case

Our oceans are in trouble and the seafood we eat is a major culprit. Unsustainable fishing and aquaculture threatens not only the fish and seafood we eat, but also habitat, biodiversity and food webs – the building blocks of healthy ocean ecosystems.

But our seafood choices can help rather than harm the ocean. These tools make it easy.

All over the world, there are examples of fishing and aquaculture that will keep the ocean and its inhabitants healthy for generations to come. 
Join fishermen, farmers, the world’s top chefs, and ocean conservationists in the movement to protect our ocean ecosystems and promote thriving coastal communities. As a seafood shopper, your everyday choices can make a world of difference. By supporting sustainable seafood producers you will improve industry standards and practices. Living Oceans and our collaborative programs such as SeaChoice can help you get informed and make ocean-friendly choices.