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Book review: The Science and Spirit of Seaweed

April 30, 2024

Part field guide, part apothecary and in large part, a love song to the ocean and its bounty, Swinimer’s book is a comprehensive guide to seaweeds of the Pacific Northwest. Drawings, descriptions and photos taken in situ help identify green, brown and red seaweeds. For each, Swinimer provides tips on sustainable harvesting, medicinal, culinary and spa applications. Entire chapters detail the medical benefits and ecological function of seaweeds.

For over 20 years, Swinimer has made her living wild-harvesting some 30 species of seaweeds from her home on Vancouver Island. Her dedication to sustainability is clear: “take only what you need and can process” and “always leave some of the seaweed attached and harvest by pruning”.


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