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Salmon Filleting Workshop with Trevor Bird

August 22, 2016

Interested in expanding your cooking skills?  If you love fish and would like to be able to buy it whole and save yourself some money, this is the workshop for you!

Come and join Living Oceans Society and Chef Trevor Bird from the well-loved Fable restaurant. You might know Chef Bird from his appearance on Top Chef Canada.  In simple and easy steps, he will get your filleting skills up to speed, give you great cooking tips on what to do with the whole fish and make it a fun and interesting workshop!  

Participants will take home their filleted fish together with a goodie bag filled with coupons, recipes, sustainable seafood information and more! Door prizes will be awarded at the event too, so be sure to bring your ticket.

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Fish is a valuable, but often overlooked, food asset in Vancouver. Fishermen bring in fresh, local, sustainable fish right into downtown Vancouver, offering a nutritious and healthy source of protein. But much of this fish is exported or sent directly to high-end restaurants. As a result, over 80% of the seafood that we buy here in Vancouver is imported.

The Salmon in the Kitchen workshop series creates community around—and awareness of—our local fisheries. By teaching people the skills and knowledge about local seafood and how to handle it, we increase the value of the fishery to the local community. This in turn makes the local seafood supply chain more resilient and lends to increased food security in our community.