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  • Living Oceans is excited to be working with Quatsino First Nation this year, to tackle ocean plastic (marine debris) removal from the remote shores of Quatsino and Tlatlasikwala territories. We are seeking up to 18 young people to join us in the effort. We are looking for people with an interest in backcountry camping and caring for our ocean and foreshores.

    Our ambitious plans to Clear the Coast stretch from Heater Point in the south, all the way to the North Coast Trail and the Scott Islands. You will travel through the territory by boat, helicopter or overland, camping on the North Island’s most spectacular beaches while removing the debris that threatens wildlife. You will learn to record information about the debris recovered; sort the recovered material for recycling; ensure accurate records of weights and types of debris are reported to supervisors and help deliver the debris to recycling and landfill operations.

    An intensive, 2-week training program will teach you everything you need to know to succeed at this job. You’ll get training in first aid, knot-tying and safety practices on helicopters, boats and in camp; including communications protocols using satellite communications and VHS radio. There will be specialized training in working in the habitat of bears, wolves and marine mammals such as sea lions. We’ll teach you to pack and prepare debris for helicopter lifts; and how to work with helicopter pilots to lift the loads (longlining). The skills you learn in this job will be valuable to you in any future career or recreation that involves being out on the land and water.

    Position based in:  Northwest Vancouver Island and Scott Islands - various locations

    Employment:  Full time temporary

    Wages:  $18 per hour

    Start Date:  The start date will be in June, as soon as our funder is able to confirm delivery of funds—likely by June 14. The work will continue through to the end of August, with some opportunities for continued full- or part-time employment in September.

    How To Apply: 

    We strongly encourage you to apply if you’re a member of a First Nation on the North Island, or if you have suffered a loss of income as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

    Send a letter explaining your interest in the job and qualifications to Karen Wristen, Executive Director at: apply [at] livingoceans.org.

    Apply by June 16, 2021.

    In your letter, please be sure include:

    • telephone and email contact information
    • your age and, if applicable, what grade you are in
    • your reasons for wanting to join Clear the Coast
    • previous work experience, if any
    • any experience with backcountry camping, boating, etc. that might be helpful in this job
    • any certificates or courses you have completed in safety, first aid, boating, or other related practices
    Roles and Responsibilities: 

    Lead or be a member of a team of hard workers who will travel together to remote worksites, set up camp and share the work of camp life. Be prepared to work in all weather conditions, collecting plastic and other debris from the beaches and up into the tree-line, carrying it to a central area and then sorting, recording and packing it. Take responsibility to ensure the packed debris is secured properly for the helicopter lift and safely tied to shore, out of the range of the tides. Record the latitiude and longitude of the debris, the number of bags/bundles, approximate weight; and take a photograph. Transmit this information to your supervisor and double-check the accuracy of the records. Be prepared to break camp and hike on to the next location; or to jump on a boat or helicopter, depending which segment of the project you're working on.


    You must be aged 15 to 29*, reasonably physically fit and able to hike while carrying a backpack containing your camping equipment and supplies. You will be asked to agree to an extended work schedule of up to 10 days, followed by 4 days off; and you’ll be prepared to spend those 10 days out of range of electronic communications (emergency communications equipment will be available). You should be a good team player who is willing to help others by sharing your skills and knowledge; and to learn from others at the same time.

    All applicants will be required to comply with COVID-19 protection protocols, which may include providing negative test results or disclosing your vaccination status.

    *The law requires us to ensure that all adults working with people under the age of 19 are clear of any offences that would suggest they pose a danger to youth. Applicants over the age of 19 will accordingly be asked to complete a criminal records check prior to employment.

    General Requirements: 

    The following ARE NOT REQUIRED but would be considered as helpful to your application--please mention in your letter if you have any of the following qualifications:

    • Driver's licence
    • First Aid Certification-please mention what level certificate and date
    • Food Safe
    • WHMIS
    • Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) or other certification for the operation of boats
    • Dive certificate
    • Any other course or certificate you have completed that you belive may be useful in this position