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What We’re Reading

February 12, 2024

Here are some of the books and resources we have been digging into. Let us know if you have any suggestions to include in future newsletters by emailing info [at] livingoceans.org.

1. State of Science: Breaking Down Biomaterials   

“The plastic pollution crisis requires urgent action, and there is no silver bullet solution. Promising research continues to emerge around solutions, including alternative materials to single-use plastic. However, labels like “compostable” and “biodegradable” are misleading and lack transparency about what happens if products and packaging end up in the environment. Better Alternatives 3.0 offers greater transparency around these novel materials, their real-world behavior in the environment, and considerations that should be made before the widespread adoption of bioplastics in all sectors of society.” 

2. Gumboot Guys

Gumboot Guys is a slice of life on the North Coast and Haida Gwaii in the 1970’s, told through the tales of men and their boats. We had no sooner announced that the authors had decided to donate their royalties to Living Oceans Society than the book went to the top of the BC best-sellers list and promptly sold out its first printing! Second printing now available from Caitlin Press. And as if that weren’t good enough…there’s going to be a sequel, written by the Guys who settled on Northern Vancouver Island and Sointula. Among the authors is former Living Oceans fisheries and aquaculture campaigner Will Soltau. Once again, royalties will be coming our way. It’s such an honour to have our work recognized by the people who built BC’s coastal communities.   

3. The Outlaw Ocean Project 

“The Outlaw Ocean Project is a non-profit journalism organization based in Washington D.C. that produces investigative stories about human rights, labor, and environmental concerns on the two thirds of the planet covered by water.” 
Listen to the podcast or buy the book published by Vintage Canada and available at Indigo, on Amazon or on order from your favourite bookstore The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina

4. DeSmog's new Industrial Aquaculture Database 

 In DeSmog’s Industrial Aquaculture Database, you can find major industry players’ stance on sustainability, information on fish feed supply chains and record of lobbying.