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Stop Kinder Morgan's TransMountain Pipeline

This summer will go down in history as the “summer of consultation”. After a decade-long drought in which you couldn’t find a Cabinet minister much less speak to one, they’re now popping up on what seems like a weekly basis, asking for our views on tankers, pipelines, fisheries, marine protected areas and navigable waters. Living Oceans’ whole portfolio of campaigns is moving at a pace we’ve never seen before…and in the summer, when it’s so hard to ask you to do anything to help because you’re sensible enough to be enjoying outdoor activities.

If you can do just one thing, please do this:  show up at a Kinder Morgan TransMountain Pipeline and Tanker project meeting. See right for times and dates.

You’ve no doubt heard that the Trudeau government has responded to our call for an enhanced review of the project by appointing a special panel to hear from citizens. Let’s take the charitable view and say they’re doing this in the summer because they’re stuck with a legislated timeline, a legacy of the Harper era amendments to the review process:  they have to make a decision by December.

I know you’ve probably attended two or three rallies (thank you!) and marched and placarded and maybe even let your MP know what you think about making B.C. bear the brunt of tarsands export risks—but if you don’t also make an appearance when the panel comes to town, the conclusion will be drawn that people don’t really care all that much.

Our lawsuit to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline made one thing crystal clear:  the Court views pipeline approval as a purely political decision and, the way the law has been amended, they aren’t going to intervene except to protect the constitutional rights of First Nations.

So, we need to send a strong political message that people in B.C. do care, very deeply; that we’re not at all convinced that these pipelines are necessary, an economic benefit or that they can be operated safely. We don’t want to see Vancouver turned into an oil port and we are not at all enthused about helping to fry the planet, acidify the ocean and quite possibly push the Southern Resident Killer Whales onto the path to extinction. Spills will happen (as they did just this week; 14 hours from detection of the ‘anomaly’ to shutdown of the pipe) and when they do, precious habitat and the clean waters that fuel our economy are lost to us.

For a quick precis of our reasons for opposing the pipeline and some solutions, please visit www.forthecoast.ca.

To register to attend a meeting near you, click here and be sure to email the panel with your choice of meeting time and let them know you intend to address the panel. To email the panel, nrcan.ministerialpaneltmx-comiteministerieltmx.rncan [at] canada.ca (click here) or copy and paste this address into your email:

nrcan.ministerialpaneltmx-comiteministerieltmx.rncan [at] canada.ca

If you just can’t make any of the dates, email your comments to the panel using the form below.

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Meeting times and dates follow; locations are generally announced shortly before the meeting. You can check back at www.forthecoast.ca for updated meeting locations.

July 27: Langley BC, Coast Hotel and Conference Center, Cascades Ballroom
1300-1500: First Nations roundtable
1530-1930: Public town hall

July 28: Langley BC, Coast Hotel and Conference Center, Cascades Ballroom
0900-1030: Local government roundtable
1100-1230: Environmental NGO roundtable
1400-1530: Labour and economic roundtable

August 9: Burnaby BC,Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
1000-1200: Environmental NGO roundtable
1300-1430: Local government roundtable #1
1500-1630: Local government roundtable #2

August 10: Burnaby BC Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
0930-1030: Education roundtable
1100-1200: NGO roundtable
1330-1700: Public town hall

August 11: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
1330-1500: Economic round-table
1630-2000: Public town hall

August 16: Vancouver BCV
Socio-economic NGO roundtable
Transportation roundtable
Economic roundtable
Local government roundtable

August 17: Vancouver BC
NGO roundtable
Public town hall

August 18: Vancouver BC
First Nations roundtable
Environmental NGO roundtable

August 19: North Vancouver BC, North Vancouver District Hall
1030-1200: Local government roundtable
1430-1900: Public town hall

August 22: Victoria BC
Local government roundtable
First Nations roundtable

August 23: Victoria BC
NGO roundtable
public town hall