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Enbridge poem

We just couldn’t resist … Enbridge has walked into it yet again, this time with a poetic flourish! A whole new, softer, gentler Enbridge buying ad space for lovely pictures and a poem that discloses the depth of their misunderstanding of the ocean:

The ocean --
Vast. Deep.
A limitless pool of life.
A playground for the tiny and
giant things that live within it.
And a gateway to the other side.
The ocean should remain an ocean.

Really? We know you’ll all spot the errors, but here’s the challenge: give it back to them in seven lines or less! In your choice of iambic pentameter, rhyming couplets, free verse or haiku, let them know what the ocean means to you. Or what Enbridge and its pipeline and tanker proposal mean to you.

E-mail your poem to info [at] (subject: Enbridge%20poem)

Whatever you write, have fun with it and we’ll post the entries on our website for everyone to enjoy. (So please use language suitable for publication: there are children watching!)

Your poems

The Enbridge Ocean
Privately owned and operated
and never paid for
A limitless pool of life to end
As the gateway to the Northern Gateway
The Ocean should remain ours

~ John H.

No, Enbridge we are not fooled by you
We are watching the devious things you do
White washing this whole dirty affair
to try to show us that you care
The ocean to you is just a road
so your filthy crude you can unload
in a far off Asian land
just to get money in your hand

~ Marilyn M.

It's up to us to protect, preserve and prepare the next generation for more than just a food supply but a place to enjoy and not pollute, a place of beauty and not bubbles of tar.
We are stewards to our children's world and ocean.

~R. Kinch

The ocean --
Vast. Dying.
We thought it was limitless.
The life that dwells there is not on vacation,
Has no other home.
No gateway to swim to greener waters.
Is an ocean without life an ocean

~ Tamara S.

The ocean
No more
How sad we will be
A limitless pool of oil and debris
No more shall life survive
In our oceans worldwide
If miles upon miles of pipeline be built
One day you will be ridden with guilt

~ Gonda T.

foolish. greedy.
a juggernaut causing catastrophes carelessly.
like a repeat offender drunk driver
asking to drive the school bus.
and i'm not going to agree to that.
enbridge, you are my enemy.

~ David B.

an ocean is full of life and joy, please don't destroy it with your oil.

~ Charles L.

I did some sleuthing and managed to dig up Enbridge's first draft of their poem.

The ocean --
It's in our way
But we'll cut through it like a knife
And kill all the giant and
Tiny things that live within it.
It's our gateway to the dark side.
The ocean - it belongs to us now; don't forget it.

~ Daniel T.

Agreed, the ocean
should stay an ocean. So don't
dump oil in it.

~ Kirsten S.

It’s good to taste the ocean air;
Good to wash away the strains of the day;
So good to sense the life it holds for every one of us;
What a beautiful, mystical place: the sea.
Then, Ship Happens.

~ Philip M.

The ocean, living, breathing, conscious
Teeming with life, struggling to survive
Commands respect, despairs of man
whose folly pours grunge over all within
her embrace. She shares her bounty willingly
It is up to us to see she has something to share.

~ Aislinn

Le bleu de l'océan

Est fait pour être bleu
Il est source de toute vie
Et il porte en lui des trésors inestimable
Qui sont garant de la pureté de sa source
Et de la vie même qui est sacré
Chacun s'y ressource et s'y délecte
Dans sa magnificence sous ses vagues
Qui nous caresse le corps et berce notre âme

~ Louise B.

The ocean - vast and deep
Is home to maritime life,
Not to oil that might seep
Into every crevice and cranny
In that watery land.
Save the ocean from Enbridge
Who fails to understand
The importance of oceans.

~ Sue M.

The ocean -
A cure for anyone
Feeling at sea.
The tides predictable,
No mooning over them.
The life beneath the waves
Unseen, but welcoming.

~ Edwin T.

The ocean ---
Finite. Threatened.
A fragile pool of life.
A playground for the tiny and
giant corporations that feed upon it.
And a bellwether of human greed.
The ocean should remain an ocean.
Oil free.

~ Greg B.

The ocean shelters our life’s sustenance.
We creatures of the land are dependent on the creatures of the ocean.
The ocean is not a highway or a gateway, it is not a playground and it is not able to withstand limitless abuse.
It is precious. It needs protection. It needs to persist.
The ocean needs to persist in spite of the perverse persecution by petroleum partners.

~ Gail M.

The ocean -
Vast. Deep.
The origins of life itself
Not a playground but a home
For large and small.
Our main source of oxygen
And must remain so forever.
A tanker, a spill, we crossed the line.

The atmosphere -
Vast. Thin.
Our life depends on it.
Luck might spare our oceans
From the worst that we can do.
But the air can't remain healthy
If we safely use the oceans
to help burn our oily goo.

~ Ron

Edibles dying
Jellyfish multiplying.
What was once an ocean blue.
Now purple oil hue.
Stop, to ensure surviving.

~ Leo L.

The ocean --
Vast. Magnificent
Source of all life.
Vulnerable to the greed of corporations
and the wealth of a few.
Black, dying, choking, crying
The ocean must remain a healthy ocean
To sustain us all.

~ Dianne S.

A fool is known by their many words
Or in this case; ANY words

~ Judy C.

Ivory towers with all the powers
Corrupt politicians, media showers;
No-one is listening to the hype,
We know what you are and your type,
If you knew one jot of the ocean's worth,
You would not threaten our hallowed surf.
So keep your plan to launch the tankers,
And grow some brains, you useless wankers!

~ Colin H.

Oceans can be wild and they can be calm
they are the live blood to all who live there
and should not come to harm
The whales and the dolphins
We just stand in awe
To protect them forever should be the law

~ Marilyn M.

The ocean should remain an ocean, always.
No oil rigs, no floating islands of garbage, no dumping from ships and cruise liners, no industrial fishing.

~ Joanne R.

Mystical, blue and forbidding
Home to so many understood by so few
Our oceans, our seas join together as one
Merged in tranquility
Rolling and lapping on far off shores
The rhythm is set
That is one thing man cannot change

~ Marilyn M.

How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?
Enbridge writes poetry
And so can I.

~ Joy T.

A Midwest Macbeth

Will mediocre poems wash this hand
Clean of corruption? No; not if it scanned
More perfectly could any rhyming verse
The redding of the ocean's green reverse.
Yet oilers are incarnadining out
On bloodless lines, their bloody lines to route.

~ Raf N.

This isn't an ocean, it's a network of trade routes.
These are not mountains, they're challenges.
This isn't oil, it's power.
And you tiny people have no idea
how much you need us.

~ Will K.

Enbridge lies --
Deceit. Arrogance.
A limitless pool of lies.
A corporation to contain greed
and predatory behaviour.
Your pipelines shall not happen.
Tankers moratorium remains.
The ocean is for those creatures who live in it
and have life because of it.
The ocean is no place for tankers.
The earth is no place for tar sands pipelines.
Enbridge GO AWAY!

~ Maddi N.

The oceans so sparkling and blue.
I fear enbridge will make it like glue.
Beautiful ocean your waters go so far.
The only thing enbridge oil tankers will do is is make it tar.
Lovely ocean we cant live without you.please somebody stop enbridge before it's goo.
The miracle of life lives in your waves.we could lose it all how enbridge behaves.

~ Joseph F.

The Earth,
Complex, Unique, Precious, Life-supporting,
Climate Change, accelerating, threatening the fragile ecosystem and human existence
Fossil fuel energies propelling Climate Change
Pipelines and tankers transporting the deadly fuels from Tar Sands and Fracking sites
To a future terrifying to behold.
Such Foolishness!

~ Catherine S.

Enbridge --
Huge. Greedy.
A limitless pool of avarice.
A destroyer of the tiny and
giant things that stand in its way.
And a gateway to destruction.
Enbridge should be ashamed.

~ Nora C.

The Enbridge-Gateway Way
The ocean
Ours to use
Ours to remove Islands
Ours to pollute
Ours to kill
Ours to make of no use to you

~ Tony G.

Enbridge PR Budget.

Vast, Deep.
A limitless pool of nonsense.
A playground for the petty and ambitious minds within it.
A window to those who live in a different world.
Bull$h!t will remain Bull$h!t.

~ Jay S.

Poetry about the ocean.
The Ocean,
our Mother.
How she must regret us,
who murder her other children
in merciless abandon.
With Zombie Oil, we drown her Deep,
Smearing the floor of the Palace of Life.
We fill her giving waters with tiny
merciless pellets of plastic - oil's deadly progeny -
invading the very tissues of the children of the sea
and we kill, kill, kill, for profit.  

~ Muriel

There once was a bunch name of Enbridge
Who couldn't see trees for the foliage
Though they tried and they tried ...
(Oh believe us, they cried!)
All everyone else saw was leakage!

~ Juanita H.

I'd rather read poetry than talk
and Enbridge you think that you rock
but I'm here to tell
to disagree and to yell
"your Ocean Poem's a CROCK"

~ Jennifer B.

fish that swim, whales that jump
eagles that soar, otters that play
oil that spills, over land and ocean
destroying our ocean, land and future
which one should we choose for our children?

~ Eluned D.

The north wind blows
much more than Enbridge shows.
The sea life dies away
much more than Enbridge will say.
The First Nations suffer
much more than Enbridge can buffer.
Rape our land, rape our sea
the Enbridge way - with greedy glee!
Who wants this for future generations?
Those who believe lies should run this nation.

~ Mary Ann S.

The Ocean waters cry in pain
As Enbridge’s poem is so vain
Words of wisdom are askew
Mixed with reason beyond a few
Water creatures washed upon the shore
Using this “Gateway” as an exit door
To escape a life of contamination
Of sludge, oil, and radiation
Used and abused in every which way
Corporate disrespect and disarray
Plans of greed just to say goodbye
The Ocean waters will be left to cry
Forever and Always

~ Brigitte W.

The Ocean
Vast deep and under siege
A limited pool of life
A battleground for the tiny and
Giant things that live within it.
But still, to some . . . just a Gateway.
The Ocean should remain a source of life

~ Bruce M.

We all know how precarious
The ocean’s wild life really is
And while undoing the harm we’ve already done
Should be priority number one
People seem willing to make it worse
As long as it fills someone’s purse
So to all of those who do
All I can say is “shame on you”

~ Gary S.

Black. Creep.
A limitless pool of dough.
A playground for tiny minds
and giant profits to play with.
And a spillway for the Dark side.
NO devotion to the Ocean.

~ Andy M.

The tar sand, vast and deep.  
A limitless pool of toxins,
A playground for the tiny brains Conservatives and the GIANT greed that live within it.  
And a gateway to China.
The tar sand should remain in the ground, undisturbed.

~ Ruth B.

Wind and sun, no oil
Let ocean and life prevail
Coast of blue and green

~ Carol D.

The Ocean -
Powerful. Dynamic.
The ancient womb of the Earth.
A lifeline for the tiny and
Giant – it defines our planet.
Seen as humanity’s plaything:
'A gateway to the other side'?
The ocean must remain a living ocean.

~ Lia C.

O is for the ocean, so vast and so deep
C is for clean, we get what we reap
E is for Enbridge with tankers and oil
   who threaten the creatures and leave us the spoils
A is for artery, the route they will take, and
N for nostalgia for the world we forsake.

~ Bronwyn S.

Pacific Ocean
Orcas, dolphins and salmon
Oil, pipe and drill free

~ Carol D.

The tar sands -
Ooze. Seep.
A limited pit of bitumen.
A death sentence for the flora and
fauna besieged by it.
And a slippery slope open to bribe.
The tar sands should remain tar.

~ Michele M.

Tar Sands
Thick. Gooey.
A vast pool of death for any living creature caught within its grip.
The gateway to the other side is closed
And the ocean shall remain an ocean.

~ Dave T.

the ocean--
black and blue,
smells like poo,
there are no more sharks to eat you.
and its all shiny!
thanks grandpa.

~ Jake D.

Our coastline via Enbridge -
Vast. Deep.
Once a limitless pool of life,
Now dead; a pool of sludge.
Bodies floating, decaying, gone.
Commonsense; take Enbridge from this equation.
The ocean should remain an ocean.

~ Kathy and Larry

Leave the Oceans alone -
They flourished for years without you -
And will for years to come -
As long as You KEEP AWAY from them -
For Mankind to appreciate -
And BREATH the oxygen it provides.

~ Earl L.

The Ocean-
Vast-so very vast, with vast tidal shorelines, Enbridge knows large oilspills will never ever be properly cleaned up.
Deep-yet on the continental shelves life receives the sun rays to oceans floor, florishing through the large tides ebbs and flows.
A battle ground were the littlest must produce in huge numbers to feed the larger forms of life,
which includes the largest mammal to ever live, the blue whale.
A gated community with no other side to go to when a oilspill obliterates their realm, they'll die in place.
We do agree however, the ocean should always remain an ocean...

~ Mitch E.

rich or poor it doesn't matter, mankind needs to eat
oil may be money but without it we may live
I can't say the same, about the ocean as it is
when all the life on land and sea is gone
it will be too late to say you were wrong
what will it take for the blind to see?
what revolution to protect you and me?

~ Sarah

Public Relations--
Biased. Misinformation.
A limitless flow of deception,
Engineered opinions in favour of business.
One face for the public, another for shareholders.
Lies are lies.

~ Nick C.

The tar sands --
Vast. Deep.
A limitless pool of wealth.
Or a mirage for the tiny-minded and
Short-visioned people living within it?
Alas, only a pipe-dream to the dark side.

The ocean should remain an ocean.

~ James A.

The Pacific Coast and Hecate Straight
World Renowned, the Inside Passage full of islands, narrow inlets and shallow waters.
Sensitve marine ecosystems found nowhere else in the world, a biological legacy
that has survived commercially invasive trading to date.

Try to morgage our future, you'll find no fools here, this is progress.

Sacrosanct lands, waters, and marine life that are not for sale, trade, risk or profit.
A clean ocean, free of corporate phylosophies and Federal tyranny, one for future
generations to experience plain and simple.
No ocean is vast enough for the oil industry spills worldwide that continue everyday.

~ 2skimore

It was such a lovely ocean
Till the tankers were in motion
Then they spilled a lot of junk oil in the sea
And I guess the water drowned it
For they never ever found it
But I know that oil will damage you and me…*
*…and also all sea creatures who live in salt water, not bitumen.

~ Donna S.

The Ocean: Womb of Mother Earth; Origin of all species, and of all birth
Is weeping,

Raped and gauged, ripped and heaving; robbed of life that once was teeming
Her frothy tears in rhythmic waves, now mixed with blood from Taiji's caves
Depleted, spent, and barely breathing, toxic shock from oil pipes seeping
Trying to heal, but slowly dying, her cries ignored by corporate lying

She is our heart, our soul, earth's blood; we must respect her, lest she flood.

~ Carolynne T.

The Ocean According to Enbridge
is a fantastic animation by PR poets
with colourful creatures great and small
cuddling, dancing and playing ring around the rosy
forever and ever. They are so plentiful let them
eat Bitumen Tide Crunch for breakfast every day,
a Good Life cereal brought to you by Enbridge.

~ Ivan S.

The ocean -
Deeply de-vasted
By limitless pools of crude.
"Ring a rosie, playground posies,
All things great and small, fall down."
Gatewayed to death's blackened door
By Charon's rusting, polluting hulks;
Across empty waterways where no whales will sing evermore.

~ Wes B.

The ocean --
Vast. Deep.
Vulnerable pool of life.
A playground for the tiny and
giant things that live within it.
Can't handle more pollution by greed
We need the ocean to stay alive

~ Susan G.

Oceans vast and deep, how empty it all seems
Fifty years is all it took us
Decimation, destruction, pollution and "protection"
We point our fingers and propagandize the eyes
To see what you want them to sea
The oceans are a "body" of water
A "body" so delicate and intricate
How you could imagine being a whole, healthy "body"
With removal of all parts and pieces
Vital to it's survival
Take away the "lungs" it will cease to breathe
Take out it's liver, it will cease to filter
Do you really not see??
The collapse of the oceans is imminent
And would be as if we cut down ALL the trees
Your projects and investments mean nothing
If you could not breathe
You cannot cast a veil anymore
Ignorance means nothing to me
For I see what I see
And your project is NOT an answer
It is only GREED!
So keep your boats off our shores
For we respect our land
This is what sustains our lives
Your false maps
Cannot disguise
For your lies are clear
And The Great Bear Rainforest
We hold near and dear

~ Rebecca F.

The Ocean

Deep blue shining mystery of freedom
Haunting the dreams of adventerous souls
Longing to escape the choking dust
and wage slave future of praries turned industrial
As years later, the tar itself threatens to ooze westwards in a pipe
Poison the dream with contamination below and money madness mentality above
unless it is stopped before its ever built.

~ Rena P.

The Ocean------
Life source,
A vast resource
With remorse,
I see it more degraded every day,
It's time to take a stand and say,
"No" to it's continued exploitation
Time to say "no" to any new degradation
Let's start by keeping our oil here.
Keep our ocean waters clear.
Better still, let's stop the bitumen trend
It's extraction is too costly and in the end
We will all lose what we treasure most
Our amazingly beautiful and natural coast
And a quality of life unsurpassed any where
I want our natural beauty to still be there
for my kids and your kids and their kids
And all the plants and animals whose lives depend
On us cleaning up our act. Let's defend
our Ocean's life, not end it.

~ Trish F.

The Ocean

Life.    Life- in a clamshell.
In a drop of water, or a world of it,
    Depth, Space,
Inner Space. Outer space,Width space,Time space.  
Living History. Everyone's

~ Dora