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Hong Kong Seafood Summit

September 24, 2012

Kelly Roebuck, Living Oceans’ Sustainable Seafood Campaign Manager, flew to Hong Kong in September to represent Living Oceans at the 10th annual Seafood Summit. Hong Kong is an ideal setting to discuss how to improve seafood sustainability as Asia is a major world hub for seafood markets. In fact, it’s likely that over half of what you see in your local supermarket seafood counter was farmed or caught in Asia.

Kelly Roebuck“This international forum is where we start to solve the seafood sustainability challenges that will become even more urgent in the coming years,” said Kelly. “Living Oceans is honored to be part of the dialogue that will provide the sea change that this planet needs.”

Living Oceans’ recent collaboration with the B.C. bottom trawl fleet and the David Suzuki Foundation to protect coral and sponge habitat off our coast was a feature presentation at the Seafood Summit.

“There were people in the audience from Scotland to Australia, and they were quite impressed with the management measures we worked out with the trawlers,” Kelly said. “I overheard a lot of them say that they’d like to see similar measures happen in their waters.”

Over 700 people attended the summit from the seafood industries, conservation movements, governments and universities of 46 different countries. The summit grappled with issues ranging from illegal fisheries and aquaculture improvement to the impacts of ocean acidification on seafood supply.