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Let's make National Sustainable Seafood Day official

Add your name to the petition calling on Canada to designate March 18 as National Sustainable Seafood Day.

Canadians love eating seafood. But overfishing and destructive fishing practices are threatening marine life and the health of our oceans!


  • Over 90% of large marine predators have disappeared from our oceans
  • Globally, 75% of fisheries are fully exploited, overexploited or depleted
  • Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing globally costs $10-23.5 billion annually
  • On average, 27 million tonnes of bycatch (unwanted marine life including marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks and juvenile fish) are thrown overboard, dead or dieing, each year

A National Sustainable Seafood Day will help Canadians get interested in ocean health and learn about sustainable seafood. It will also give us an opportunity to celebrate (and, of course, indulge in) ocean-friendly seafood options.

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National Sustainable Seafood Day