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Report Debris

By filling out and returning this form to us with as much detail as possible you will be assisting our research into the extent and possible ecosystem impacts of marine debris on northern Vancouver Island. Thanks for your help.

Please be sure to take photos or videos. They will help us document our work.

***Please describe but DO NOT touch or collect any potentially toxic or hazardous debris!***

We are encouraging everyone to participate safely by following the B.C. government's debris guidelines. If you'd prefer to send us a paper report you can download a pdf of the reporting form

About you
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Cleanup Details
e.g. 127° 1' 32'' W or 127° 1.533' W
e.g. 50° 38' 28.5'' N or 50° 38.475' N
E.g.On the beach at Behr Pt.
e.g. YouTube or Vimeo URL.
Debris Details
Ghost Fishing Gear Details
e.g. 2 crab traps, 1 net, 1 fishing line
Derelict Vessel Details
e.g. 1 12 foot Boston whaler without an engine
Shoreline debris details
e.g. 25 plastic bottles, 5 ropes, multiple chunks of styrofoam
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