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Canada: Protect Wild Salmon from Salmon Farms

Canada has long had the reputation of being clean and green, a leader in environmental protection. Yet it continues to allow the intensive farming of salmon in large, open netpen structures in the ocean. Such farms allow the proliferation of salmon lice and disease pathogens, as well as emitting drugs, chemicals, feces and uneaten feed. 

Many scientific studies have linked salmon lice to reduced health and fitness of young salmon. Recent discoveries strongly suggest that certain bacteria and viruses found on or introduced by salmon farms are killing wild salmon as they migrate from natal streams to the open ocean.

Salmon are key to the health of coastal ecosystems and their loss is both unimaginable and imminent.  Many runs of salmon are already extinct; many more are at critically low levels. Across the country, salmon are in big trouble.

Canada is about to elect a new federal government, whose responsibility it is to protect wild salmon. Please take a moment to tell the leaders of the parties that it is time to make an unequivocal commitment to remove salmon farms from the ocean.

Oh, no, Canada

Dear Party leaders,