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Tell seafood companies to take action on sustainability!

July 19, 2022

How committed is your grocery store, and the seafood brands they sell, to sustainable and socially responsible seafood? SeaChoice’s Seafood Progress has the answer!

Seafood Progress is an online tracking platform that scores and reports on what Canada’s largest grocery stores are doing -- and importantly not doing -- towards their seafood sustainability commitments.  This spring, Seafood Progress was expanded to include 13 of the most prevalent seafood brands found in the Canadian marketplace. Among the brands investigated were Ocean Brands, Clearwater, Clover Leaf, High Liner and Aqua Star. You can now view their score and compare them to other brands.

Canadian grocery stores and seafood brands play a significant role in and influence the health of our oceans, as most seafood consumed in Canada is purchased at grocery stores.

Luckily, they also listen to their customers. Seafood Progress now offers the opportunity for YOU to tell grocers and brands to take action, in just a few clicks!